Fight the Fire campaign

A continuing campaign, started in 2007, to increase public awareness of Huntington’s and raising funds

This vintage fire engine was made available to us for various events and proved to be a valuable and attractive symbol for what became known as the “Fight the Fire” Fire enginecampaign.Together with the fire engine came the offer of help from an enthusiastic group of retired firemen. The firemen, all from Plymouth, continue to be amazing supporters of our cause – for which we are forever grateful.

The fire engine has been a special attraction at Country fayres, vintage rallies, and has headed up the Exeter Christmas parade. Apart from boosting branch fund raising efforts the fire engine along with our Huntington’s display stand has attracted interest from members of the public who have never previously talked openly about HD. We consider this to be an invaluable contribution in our quest to raise public awareness.

FiremenWe hope to continue our Fight the Fire campaign in the coming years and will be looking for new opportunities to develop the campaign. Much depends upon the help we can get from volunteers to complement the support we already enjoy from our friends the firemen.


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  1. rwhite says:

    Thanks for your comment. we are always interested to know how you found our site and what your interest in HD is?

  2. Maryjane says:

    Your post, Fight the Fire campaign | Huntington's Disease Association – Devon Branch, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Maryjane!

  3. Branch Treasurer says:

    The committee of the HDA Devon Branch are always interested to receive your suggestions on ways in which we can improve
    – Public Awareness of HD
    – Fund Raising