Financial & Legal


The Branch committee is allowed to make discretionary welfare grants to Branch members. These are limited to £300 per family in any one year. Please speak to a committee member if you think we might be able to help.

The Barchester Healthcare Foundation makes grants available to individuals and organizations who have identified health and social care needs which cannot be met by the statutory public sector, or by the individuals themselves. To apply for a grant, please visit by clicking on the link above.

Elizabeth Finn Care is a charity that makes grants and gives advice on how to find financial assistance. Those who can apply are usually living at home and have limited savings or are people who need help with fees for a care home and have limited capital. Ring 020 7396 6700 or email: .

Grants of up to £5,000 are available from the Royal British Legion for welfare breaks and mobility aids, including stair lifts, to individuals who have served in the armed forces or to their spouses.

Ask questions and exchange views about obtaining grants via the HD Message Board. The HD message board is a forum where people can share experiences.

Direct Payments

Information Carers UK has produced a useful fact sheet explaining how carers and those they care for can apply for funding to arrange their own care package via Direct Payments. Further information is available on the Devon County Council website (click on the direct Payments image in the side bar)

Council Tax Charges

There is more than one way of getting a Council Tax reduction from your local authority. If a person uses a wheelchair indoors or needs an extra bathroom or kitchen or a room is mainly used by a disabled person, a reduction to a lower band can be obtained. There is also a 25% reduction for people with a mentally related illness like Huntington’s Disease. Ask your local council about reductions and check with your Citizens Advice Bureau if you have problems.

Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

For more information see the
This is a very important matter for both the person with HD and their spouse, especially if you own your own home. It is sensible to get a power of attorney in place while the person you are caring for understands the situation. It can then be put into effect later when the circumstances justify it. You should take legal advice to ensure that wills are drawn up covering all eventualities to provide for care for the person with HD and to protect your legacy for your children e.g. think of the situation should the carer predecease the person with HD. Do it now. DON’T DELAY!

Citizens Advice Beureau
 Financial advice for the disabled is available at the various offices in Devon